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C-MAP Embark


An alternative to Navionics though with less  accessible information.  

  • Cost for UK only USD $44.99
  • Cost for Netherlands only USD $28.99

(Costs taken from Google Play October 2018)

Both have a web viewer linked to your login account with the ability to create and share routes on both the web or app version. (unlike Navionics which allows you to create routes in the web viewer, but to share them you need to login to the App version).

The way the chart is displayed is very different between Navionics and C-MAP Embark, with less clutter and clearer display on the C-MAP Embark version. Though there is currently (Oct 2018) no means of displaying further information on an object, unlike Navionics where you can tap on an object and a host of additional information will be displayed.

Weather and Tide information requires a further subscription, Navionics includes this as standard.

Though of limited use, C-MAP Embark does have the ability to display AIS infomation though only derived from the mobile network, so in reality is not all that useful. Plus this is also an additional subscription.

One other observation is when the subscription expires, unlike Navionics which continues to allow access to your downloaded charts, but no longer updates them, C-MAP Embark will revert back to online access only. 


Web Viewer Link here -

 Google Play link here -  C-MAP Embark


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